FreebieJeebies | Get your free Iphone 5 and Iphone 4 today!

Have you ever dreamt to have at least one product manufactured by Apple(Iphone 5, Iphone 4 or something else)? I know, they are expensive and not all of us can afford them. But don’t worry, now you have the chance to get them for FREE! Yes, you read well! For FREE!!

For the most you, this may seem a bad joke…… believe me,  it isn’t. There are lots of videos on Youtube, where is told that this isn’t fake.


This is thing is possible with the help of FreebieJeebies, a well-known site for its seriousness and care with which it delivers the gifts. Let me explain how the things work:

I.  First, you need to sign up here.( You must have ONE account per household, otherwise, your account will be on hold! Also, you mustn’t have more than one account at the same shipping address!)

II.You will create a user name and password as you would on any other site. FreebieJeebies doesn’t require you to put in any credit card information. 

III. You must complete any offer you like. You will receive credit for the first time completion of any offer. Completing the same offer more than once via any single or any combination of Freebiejeebies web sites will result in your account being placed on hold. In order to receive credit for completing an offer, you must use the same email address that you used to register as a user at the FreebieJeebies web site from which you completed the offer. Offers must be completed by clicking the offer link provided on each Freebiejeebies web site.All your credit card information stays with these corporations and is not distributed in any way to anyone else!

This works like this: Nothing can be free, right?! So FreebieJeebies gets cash for every offer you complete. It’s an advertising scheme, which works very well! Basically, when a user completes one of the offers on their site they get paid by the advertiser. This way, they can cover the cost of your free gift and still make a small profit. It’s exactly like in scheme:

So, now imagine you want an Apple Magic Mouse that costs 3 referrals. According to the scheme they would get paid by their advertisers for your offer and for more three offers (of your referrals). They would get aproximately 17*4=68 £ and you would get your mouse (retail price is around 30 £), so, they would still get about 40% of what they are paid!!

Finally, the fourth step:Once you chose and completed your offer its will post on your page within 24 hours. Now you are ready to make some referrals in order to receive your gift. In the “Refer Friends” link you will find a link to your particular site that you can send to your friends and family so they can sign up and you will get referrals from them. You can post your link on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,etc. . Once you get the amount of referrals needed for your gift you will be able to order it and it will be shipped to you absolutely FREE! You can even cash out at any time with this website with even one referral. The money will be wired to a choice of your bank or a paypal account. Just please make sure you read the terms and conditions of the website. They don’t ask for much, just to follow their rules.

If you still have doubts about registration, you can access the Terms and Condition site form here.

The Iphone 4 will cost you 25 referrals. If you think it’s too old, you can wait a little longer for the New Iphone 5.This is the most wanted gift and it will come soon. If you sign up now, you can get it for free as soon as it’s released.Or, maybe, you have an Iphone  and you want to get the new Ipad 2. This is less “expensive” and it will cost you 20 referrals ( 16 GB), 24 referrals( 32 GB) or 28 referrals(64 GB).

Probably you don’t want an Iphone or Ipad, you just want the Ipod Touch. It’ s a good deal for only 10 referrals. If you’re hardcore, you’ll probably want the iMac( 21.5 inches) which is 43 referrals or  the bigger edition( 67 referrals). 

So…what are you waiting for??? Sign up right now and get your Apple!

My proof video:( I have uploaded on my site to show the world that FreebieJeebies is NOT a hack)